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Possibilities of making InterLINQ work with Dynamic LINQ?

Apr 23, 2008 at 3:14 PM

I've been experimenting with your excellent code - very good!

One thing I would really like to do to increase efficiency and further cut down network traffic is to introduce dynamic SQL into the mix. (i.e., on the client, if the user is only showing columns "Id" and "Name", then I would like to utilise the Dynamic code examples here:

to produce a query like this:

var customers = context.Customers();
var customerView = customers.Select("New(Id, Name)";

Unfortunately, because the dynamic linq code emits new classes in runtime, the WCF serializer breaks down when trying to send the expression tree to the server for evaluation (it tries to find the dynamically created assembly as a physical dll)

Any thoughts here would be most appreciated!