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How to use InterLinq + EntityFramework

Oct 26, 2009 at 8:18 AM


i try to use interlinq + Entityframework

my actions:
1. download 2 dll (interlinq.dll and interlinq.entityframework.dll)
2. create server
  2.1 add to reference 2 dll
  2.2 create entity framework model
  2.3 start service
 euo = new EFEntities6();
 InterLinq.EntityFramework.EntityFrameworkQueryHandler eft = new InterLinq.EntityFramework.EntityFrameworkQueryHandler(euo);
 svv = new InterLinq.Communication.Wcf.ServerQueryWcfHandler(eft);
3. create client
  3.1 add to reference 2 dll
  3.2 create entity framework model (same to server)
  3.3 try to connect to server
 InterLinq.Communication.Wcf.ClientQueryWcfHandler clientQueryHandler = new InterLinq.Communication.Wcf.ClientQueryWcfHandler();
 EFEntities6 euo = new EFEntities6();

Question: how i can link EFEntities6 euo to clientQueryHandler?
 EFEntities6 euo = new EFEntities6(clientQueryHandler); doesn't work

Please, write right example to both sides (client and server) for entityframework model

Nov 5, 2009 at 7:15 AM

Hi cha0ss

There is already an example in the source code that shows how to handle the a simple LINQ to Objects scenario. As it seems, you try to handle the client-side by using the ObjectContext directly. This will not work as you expect. You have to implement your own "Context" by exetending "InterLinqContext" and provide your IQueryable's there.